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Torrent file from yesterday :)

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NYC settles suit over seizure of Occupy books  

To celebrate #OWLS will release our catalog snapshot on Bittorrent very soon :)

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"We want to find out what happened that night — specifically, who did what," Siegel said. "Now we’ve got the city starting to lay out it’s version of events, and Brookfield starting to lay out its version. We’re going to learn a lot."

More may become clear September 10, when the Library suit is scheduled for its next hearing.


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Keep Up The Good Work

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The #OWLS Mission Statement

Truth Conquers All

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"We Interrupt This Broadcast"

As mentioned previously, the OWLS host is leaving us this Friday, June 1st with no formal announcement of their future plans

More news on #OWLS phase 2 soon…

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LibraryBox: kickstarting the next version of a self-contained wireless library file-server 

Did the lightbulb in your head just get really bright too?

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OWSLibrary Thing Export : The People's Library at Liberty Plaza : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive 

Torrent soon

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Aaron Swartz's memorial service 

I’m sure most people following this blog have already heard the sad news in the past day. I did not know Aaron personally but admire and respect the mark he left on this pale blue dot. RIP.

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#OWLS on GoodReads 

These are the books in the People’s Library before it was raided by the NYPD.

Some of the books had funky ISBNs and didn’t get auto-imported.

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Waiting to hear back from Xerox about pricing…

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The People's Record: Sign the "Please do not kill me, Obama!" Petition 


In the trio of unalienable rights outlined in the Declaration of Independence, the reason “life” was listed first should be obvious: If you aren’t alive, you can’t have liberty or pursue happiness (or much of anything else, for that matter). That’s why this week’s revelationsabout President

(Source: thepeoplesrecord)

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